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For the best quality in video production in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas, look to We do it all—from five-star DVDs to web video marketing to viral video campaigns.

We value all our clients. That’s why we start every project by listening to what your needs are. Small, medium and large businesses all turn to us when they’re looking for the highest quality video for their next marketing campaign.

Here at the Other Guys we are aimed at helping you, whether your a small business owner or a local musician / artist, we want to help your business grow the way it should be and achieve the success you want.



Christopher J Roe

Director of Photography / Owner

Denver, CO /Los Angeles Ca

Tel: 720.775.5567


Kevin Hu

Writer / Director / Producer

Kevin’s a dreamer, and if you’ve ever sat in a production meeting with him, you’ll know his mantra is simple: it’s all about story. Story is the foundation for everything we do, and having a good story puts the creative in the best possible position to succeed. Coupling his finance business background with his dream of being a film director, Kevin combines painstaking attention to detail with a strong cinematic vision to create powerful and compelling content.

With this approach, Kevin has written, directed, and produced award-winning short films, TV commercials, and web series’. Kevin’s passion and focus on story has also allowed him the opportunity to collaborate with some of the largest name actors, bands, and production houses in the state – and it’s just the beginning for him.


Kevin Hu