Red Epic Dragon Camera Rental and Grip / Lighting Rentals *


Red Epic-X Dragon 6K Camera (With Dual 3/8 to XLR audio ports)*
Includes: Body, EF Lens Mount, V-Mount Battery Adapter, Side Handle with 2x red volt battery's, 2x 128g Red Mag and 1x 64g Red mag W/reader, Top handle, 5'' Touch monitor, Assorted Cables and OLPF's
Rental Rates: $1000/Day

Lens Kit (All Lenses are Rokinon DS) *
Includes: 14mm F3.5, 24mm F1.5, 35mm F1.5, 50mm F1.5, 85mm 1.5 (optional for Red Rental/ Matte Box and bottom cage with 2x .3, .6, .9 ND, .6 grad ND, Polarizer)
Rental Rates: $100/Day $300/Week

V-Mount Batteries
Includes: 2x 160w batteries, 1x 152w Red Brick, and dual Charger with hard case
Rental Rates: $75/Day $200/Week (for full kit)


Need a full camera package?

We also offer full camera packages that include everything you need to shoot from the Red dragon, Batteries, Lenses, Mattebox, Should-mount, Easy-Rig, Ronin MX and more. Looking for higher end glass? We have ties to major rental houses and can get you most lenses at an additional cost.


Lighting (Contact us for pricing)

Arri 4-Point Lighting kit

(2) Arri 300w Lights w/flags and stands, (2) Arri 650w Lights w/flags and stands.

PBL 4-Point lighting kit

(4) 150w-1000w lights w/stands and giant soft boxes, these lights are adjustable with half and full light as well as a range in bulbs to power 150w to 1000w per light.

Also available is negative fill diffusion and a variety of color temps. If you need a grip truck rental we can accommodate you as well.


Stabilizers, Misc equipment


Easy rig  ($150 a day)

Shoulder-Rig  ($75 a day)

Ronin MX full Red Package.  ($250 a day) *

Wireless follow focus  ($150 a day)

Wireless video with monitor ($200 a day)


* Requires Insurance for rental

**Insurance can be purchased through TogFilms for all rentals at an additional cost.